Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Firebug for non Firefox browsers

Are you a firebug user with Firefox browser? Have you ever thought about not having firebug instance for IE browser? Here you go!! No more nightmare with IE browser for debugging your website for subtle pixel misalignments.

Excited??!! want to know more?? Check out this link

This extension of Firebug called as Firebug Lite. I also got to know that you can use command line option just like firebug. It is really a cool-to-have-functionality. For example, I tried with simple hands on

I wanted to initialize a JS variable and asked Firebug to spit out the value by "alert" method.

Refer the below image, enter the JS syntax to initialize the variable in command line and hit "enter" key. You can either use alert method or just enter the variable name in the command line and hit enter. Firebug should display the value in command window.

"You can use command line with Firebug."

You may ask me what is the benefit of having command window. Fine!! This might not be helpful with the example that I tried. But lets assume that you have very big javascript and it does some cool stuff with lots of method call. You can change the value of any global variable and trigger any of your method. This would greatly help the developer to debug JS code.

Sounds useful right??!! Yeah!!