Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cool Firefox Addon - Tab effect

Hi ppl,

I am back again with a cool stuff this time. (It looks like now a days, I am regular on creating blogs (Ohh hooo!!! A pat myself on the back!). Ok! whatever..! What I have got for you guys? ta da.. A firefox Addon/extension (let me know if you see a difference). This is ever cool stuff is called as "Tab Effect". The developer had done really excellent job creating extension using DirectX 8.

This tab add effects to your "tab changing" event. So, whenever you change tab from one to another, you see the page/tab swiveling to your current screen. I have added a demo video here.

You can grab the Add-on from Firefox site
General Complaints:

I have seen few ppl crying that this addon crashes their browser, when they open their browser with this addon 'enabled'. I think I am one of the luckies person to have this working. If this is not working in your machine, I would suggest you to check with your DirectX version and any specific settings. You can also report your issues/concerns to the author at

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Great Video - Inspiring!!

Hi folks,

As I mentioned in my previous blog, my great entertainment site has been shutdown. So, I spent this weekend on Youtube and found the following list of great videos, listing it for you guys!!

You might have watched this before, they are worth watching them again!!

The Great Video

And making of above video.....

It is really mind-boggling when you see the pain the crews have gone thur to make this video.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Stage6 was shutdown forever

Guys, later last week i came to know that one of the great video streaming site "" is shutdown forever. This is my great entertainment since it was released. I am a unhappy user just like other 17.4 million user who miss the site.

If you did not get to know abt this side before, please visit this link. Stage6 was capable of streaming Dvd quality videos and if you happen to have broadband internet connection, this was great side to get get video contents raging from "Home made videos" to latest movie entertainment video.

The side was developed to have very good user experience using Ajax cool functionalities.

Sad! Sad! We lost a great side. Now that I am searching for similar kind of site which would provide me same (high quality videos) contents.

join me for the hunt......!!! :-(