Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is it a new web browser? - Yahoo BrowserPlus™

C'mon guys, give us(web developers) some break!! We are fed up with lot of browsers in existance. Yeah!! see.., there was Netscape initially, IE5 and then came IE6 and Firefox was born (Gecko browser) around 2004-05 then we had Safari (on Unix and Windows) and then came out "the" trouble maker of all IE7 (for some reason, I dont like this guy) and Now, Yahoo BrowserPlus??!!

You got to be kidding me!!! Howmany browser could be supported by us as poor web developers?? These are questions and frustrations was racing in my mind when I came to know about Yahoo BrowserPlus™.

However, after digging little more into this, I felt some relief that it is not web browser as such but these guys are trying to help web developers community. "Cool, these guys are in our side!! :)"

Well, BrowserPlus is like a plugin or Add-on to any web browser.(really?, I did not find anything related to browsers compatibility though). Yahoo also put up some interesting demo's for developers to try.

It worked only on firefox for me. The idea sounds grovvy. However, I am right now doubtful about the compatiblity for all the browsers. I also tried on Opera, but did not work. I hope Yahoo may throw this with more features in future. Would it be a pain reliever (atleast for some extend??)??. Lets keep our fingers crossed!!!


krish said...

Good attempt on ALSB. Do you have fair knoledge on ALSB security? If, yes...then try to share with us.


Leegurus said...

hey Krish,
nope, i dont have any insight on ALSB security. sorry.