Thursday, July 10, 2008

Getting Power of Attorney from Indian Consulate

How to get Power of Attorney from Indian consulate??

You might be thinking "Why is someone creating a blog on how to get POA....??" Well, you are right! there is no big deal with that. But I found it difficult getting this only because "lack of information". So, i thought it would help ppl out there searching for some info on this. After all internet is used for that "Information" Right?!

As I said, No big deal, In two options you can get this done.

1. Going personally to Indian Consulate
2. Getting this document signed through mail

1. Going personally to Indian Consulate.

Make sure you have the following documents....

i. A Completed Miscellaneous form (download it from consulate website)
ii. POA documents to be signed by Consular.
iii. Photo copy (Xerox) of POA document (you need to hand this over to consulate)
iii. Original passport
iv. Photo copy (Xerox) of passport (you need to hand this over to consulate)
v. 2 passport photo (1 is enough for misc form. but you may want to affix a photo on POA and sign on it. This is not consulate requirement though)
vi. $20 for consulate fee.

The consulate (i went to NY consulate) usually opens at 9.30am. The documents are accepted from 10am to 12.30am. You need to wait until 4.30pm to get the documents signed. The guy who is in information center was quite helpful.

DO NOT SIGN ON ANY DOCUMENT (esp. POA). You should do it in front of consulate official at the counter.

Even if you have not taken your photos, there are few photo centers, you could get it in an hour or so.

2. Getting this document signed through mail

i. Misc form and copy
ii. POA documents duly notarized and copy should also be notarized. This is just attestation that you are signing the document in front of some official trusted parties.
iii. Money order for $20 (fee)
iv. Original Passport and a copy

You need to also include return currier charge for consulate to send them back. Please check your consulate site for more information.

Send all these documents in mail and they are supposed to be delivered back in 5-7 working days.


metalcup said...

Thanks a lot! I was looking for info on this., and your blog post was very useful!! :)

Manish Gupta said...

Thanks a lot, one question regarding POA document is there any format or we have to write in a plain paper all property details. Please let me know

Mayank said...

This is just the kind of information I was looking for. I have a question

Do we need to wait there for the whole day? You mentioned that you waited till 430

emma.sachdev said...

Hi Leeguru, it is extremely urgent for me to know this:

Once you had your power of attorney attested at US Consulate in New York, did you had to adjudicate it in India again.

Please tell me how you did that.

Thank you

(Going to NY Consulate on monday)

himash said...

I was looking for the same information thanks a lot .
But i do have a problem,the witnesses . we need 2 witnesses to be signed on POA .But i can't take them to embassy. Can the witness sign after attestation or before.Are we have to bring with us.. pls help me.

Thanks & Regards

Premkumar said...

The details provided in this site was really Helpful, Thanks.
if possible, can you sent me format of POA.

Arun Gopalan said...

Hi There Leeguru

This was really useful. Thank you very much.


shilpa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sowmi said...

can i download a POA sign it and take it to the counslate along with the application.
Should i go to the bank for notarizing it.. I am right now in US and want to provide POA to my father

Joseph said...

Thanks very much. Its bn quite useful

Sonal said...

Thank You So Much

ENVE IX said...

Thanks a lot. This information is very useful. But I do have a question. I have POA document in an email format, which I can print it out and the original POA has to be on Rs.200 Stamp paper (according to the ordinance in India). So does the Embassy get the POA done on a stamp paper, after which you sign the document? How does it work if I have to get POA on stamp paper but don't have the stamp paper available?

TrustyGuy said...

This information is really informative. kalkiteenga boss.. thanks

Siddharth said...

Thanks a Lot!!! Man u said my extra trip to NY.

Shan said...

thanks a lot! was looking for list of documents that needs to be submitted. couldn't find the list anywhere else...

Subodh said...

Thanks a Lot!!!This is very helpful

Shrinivas said...

The info was very helpful.

Should I also get the Misc form and its copy notarized?

Shrinivas said...

I got my POA notarized from Indian Consulate, NY through mail. It took exactly a week. I sent the docs through USPS registered mail and got it back through express mail. Please make sure you follow the exact process documented in the NY - Indian consulate site. Thanks for the info.

Hemlata said...

Hi Tamil,

Have few queries related to POA
1. Can we print the POA on a plain white paper or is it required to be printed on the stamp paper?
If plain white paper do be need to do the franking?

2. The miscellaneous form that is mentioned, do we have to submit it on the same day or we have to send it before and take any appointment for signing the POA document?

Would appreciate your answer.. Thanks

கிச்சா said...

Hi Tamil,
Thanks a lot for useful information.
One question, If we send the POA document to India, will it be accepted directly or need to be adjudicated in India?. If so, what is the process.

Thanks a lot again,

HPradip said...

Thank you very much for such a simple explanation of the process. I have one more question though, do I have to write the POA matter on an Indian Stamp paper?

rani chadha said...

US Citizens have to follow the same? And do I have to
get The Stamped paper and 2 witnesses?

Help I need this done asap.

rani chadha said...

Do u need 2 witness for the Notary note and do u also need the Stamp paper?

Help I need this done asap


deepthy said...
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deepthy said...

hi srinivas,
i would like to get some help from u. i want to get a power of attorney attested from NY through mail. can u pls share the details of what u hve done.
do i need to hve witness signature on the POA??

deepthy said...

hi srinivas ,
i would like to get some help from u. i want to get a power of attorney attested from NY through mail. can u pls share the details of what u hve done.

Bala said...

HI THanks for the information.
Is there any sperate POA form or do we have to type one by ourself?
Urgent pls

Mandhir Singh said...

hi-quick question
i got my POA back from NY Counsulate.
I had sent it by mail fully attested (no photos as website did not ask)
Docs i got back from Consulate have a round stamp on page 1 and on the second page.
But on page 2 there is an addiitonal stamp that says
"Seen in the consulate general of Inida. The Consualte General does not accepta any responsibility about the contents of this document"
Is that what it is supposed to say??

Arun said...

Hello, how do you manage to get 2 witness to sign on the POA?
I have the format ready, someone told me to notarize it and get the signature of the witness and goto consulate in person. Is that not required?

Please comment.

Pitchaimani Muthuveeran said...

Is the consular expected to keep disclaimer message stating that "No Responsibility will be taken by consular about the content of this document" in every attestation page

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